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We produce Cartoons for kids! We love to create original products and offer an integral solution with all the stages of production, from ideation, leading to the visual development to a final product. We believe in the power of well executed ideas that bring an emotional impact to the audience.


We look for people who will bring their whole self.  We want our people to be aligned with our values and culture. Our values are not just words, we really live them. Do they speak to you?  Do they sit well with you?


1. Respectful

We embrace our differences, we engage and welcome everyone, we value everyone.

2. Encouraging

We support each other, we share knowledge, we recognise everyone’s effort.

3. Insightful

We think big, we innovate, we go above and beyond.

4. Executing

We get things done, we are consistent and measured, we balance being methodical, creative and flexible.

5. Nurturing

We are compassionate with each other, we change lives.

6. Enthused

We act with conviction, we love what we do.

7. Transparent

We are open, trustworthy, honest and ethical.

8. Mutualistic

We have ownership, we benefit the whole, we build fellowships.

We love what we do. We vehemently believe in and apply these values to all our actions, decision making and conduct.  In demonstrating these values we will always act respectfully towards others.