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Annie Sunbeam
Gallows Hill
Futbolmania RCN
The Adventures of Chuck and Friends
Adventure Time
Cazuelas de El Tiempo
Chili Girl
Green Rocket
Bio Machine

Insert Coin develops immersive Visual Experiences. We love what we do and we are passionated to transmit our experience into every new project.

–The Octopus

About Insert Coin Studios Discover what Makes us Unique

Vicente Numpaque

Get to know more about Vicente’s art at.

Vicente Numpaque

Concept Artist focused on Visual Development, motivated by painting and drawing 24 hours, loves to explore new characters and unknown worlds. If  he’s not painting he might be geeking about videogames, art and Guitar Hero!

Camilo Escárraga

Camilo Escárraga

Animated films lover, selfcritic, fun personality and passionated to give life and character to any object.  When projects arrive, Camilo is very focused. To our Animation Director things are done the right way or not done at all.

Luis Eduardo Ortega

Luis Eduardo Ortega

Professional Cinematographer focused in the post production area, VFX and photography. Luis is our wizard in every project and as Technical Director is always there to offer efficient solutions for each process in the pipeline



Our Studio Recipe

  • Ideation
  • Creativity
  • Having Fun

With over 6 years of experience in the world of design and animation, a young team passionate for concept art, animation and having fun joined forces at Bogotá, Colombia to create INSERT COIN, an Animation studio and Art Direction for entertainment, we love to tell fantastic stories of unknown worlds to create the best visual experiences!


Insert Coin is focused to the creation of new IP’s, we love to create original products and offer an integral solution with all the stages of production, from ideation, leading to the visual development to a final product. We believe in the power of well executed ideas that bring an emotional impact to the audience.

The Octopus:  He’s the big entity at the studio, and represents the best of us, adaptable, skillful,  magic and fun. Every arm is the work of each one at Insert Coin

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