Beyond an animation studio, we are a group of passionate artists who do what we love and love what we do!


To create high-quality audiovisual content is essential to carry out it respective pre-production, where we plan what kind of content needs the production. This process includes the creation of the story, pipeline design, script writing, character design, visual development, storyboarding, animatic, production testing, etc. So, here we ensure that the final product is same to the one proposed from the beginning.


After planning the requirements of our work, the tasks are distributed to different production teams: Modeling, shading, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering and VFX. Each team is responsible for different processes and each of these communicate with the other teams and work hand in hand under the suervisión of the directors.


The job is almost done. In post-production we compose the result of all the above processes, append visual effects and color correct. After all of this, we have our final piece.


Camilo Escárraga

Animation Director

Animated films lover, selfcritic, fun personality and passionated to give life and character to any object. When projects arrive, Camilo is very focused. To our Animation Director things are done the right way or not done at all.

Luis Eduardo Ortega

Visual Development TD

Professional Cinematographer focused in the post production area, VFX and photography. Luis is our wizard in every project and as Technical Director is always there to offer efficient solutions for each process in the pipeline

Dahvid Cuevas

Character Animator

Character animator with experience in big productions for national and international TV. Passionate for 3D arts, rigging, sports and reading.

Andrés Arias

3D Generalist

3D Generalist artist, graduated from digital cinema and passionate for his work and for learning every day more. Fond of video games and extreme sports.


During the 2000s, our leaders prepared in arts, 3d, animation and vfx academies; They gained experience and grew as great artists. They joined the best of each one to provide the most shocking visual experience and therefore founded Insert Coin Animation Studios. Today, they achieve to bring joy and offer high quality, original and passionate stories to spectators.

For us it's important to support the art with a good technological base, that's why Insert Coin Animation Studios has built important relationships with leading local and global technology companies, so, the only limit is the imagination.


  • Bogotá, Colombia
  • (571) 383 9924


The quality is as important as customer satisfaction. Really!

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